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Examples of the different styles available

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As you may have already discovered, finding Swimwear which suits you during your pregnancy can be a challenge to say the least !

Luckily, we have discovered that there is more to offer out there than first meets the eye. Initially we found only a small handful of major Swimwear designers offering Maternity versions of their Tankinis, Bikini’s and Swimsuits.

Broadly we have found that there are normally two main reasons for looking for Swimwear to wear during their pregnancy :-

For Fitness/Leisure pursuits – This includes those of you who are keen to ensure that you and baby remain fit and healthy during your pregnancy.

The much reported therapeutic nature of exercising in water is a good ‘low impact’ method of keeping your fitness levels high to be able to more easily cope with the tougher demands made on your body both during and after pregnancy.

In addition, the social side of group exercising should not be underestimated and can also help during pregnancy. Simply knowing that you are sharing a common experience and going through similar, can be particularly useful, especially if this is your first pregnancy.

For Holiday Beach / Poolside wear – Whether you are planning a beach holiday, poolside or SPA break, you will want to look your best.

Whatever you reason for wanting a specially designed Maternity Swimsuit, we have now made the task of tracking down exactly what you are looking for easier by bringing you a collection of hundreds of different styles to choose from – all in one place.<hr>

handsWe know how important it is to read independent reviews of others who have already bought and worn the swimsuits and to see exactly what they thought of them. Coupled with this knowledge it is also good to have a clear idea of what the costumes look like – hence this site is tailored to getting you as much information about each of the products as possible.

So, whether you are just starting on your journey of discovery looking for the ideal Maternity Swimsuit, or already have your own ideas of what you are looking for we hope that you enjoy browsing through this site and remember to bookmark us or post links to your friends or other Mums to Be as we may be able to help them find what they are looking for too